While visiting the city a baby dinosaur can’t hold back from entering a playground and creating havoc!  Two children step up and try to negotiate.  Peaceosaurus is animated in bright child friendly colours with lively music.

Peaceosuarus feature image

Peaceosaurus is part of an educational program in Toronto, Canada which explores a way of dealing with the day to day conflicts that occur as a normal part of all schools.  We hope that this film and the program will have a positive impact on subsequent education, quality/longevity of relationships, encounters with conflict/violence, future plans/aspirations, and more.

Selected Screenings:

  • Auburn Int’l Film Festival for Children, Australia
  • Blue Plum Childrens Animation Festival, US
  • WorldKids International Film Festival, India
  • Yonkers Film Festival, US
  • Brooklyn Film Festival Kidsfilmfest, US
  • Regent Park Film Festival, Toronto

You can watch Peaceosaurus on the Children as Peacemakers site

And a related book can be found at Garn Press Raising Peacemakers

With gratitude to the York University Faculty of Education and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada for generous support over many years to research on Children as Peacemakers.