Dreaming to become a mother, a young lesbian realizes she must face her own fears to ask a friend to donate sperm.

How to Get a Girl Pregnant is an animated web series in development.  It’s based on an excerpt from the book of the same name by Karleen Pendleton Jiménez which was published in 2011 by Tightrope Books. This candid and humorous memoir follows her adventures, failures and triumphs while attempting to fulfill her dream of giving birth to a child.  The book was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award and chosen for the 2013 Over The Rainbow Listby the American Library Association.

This project is a collaboration of the animator Barb Taylor and writer Karleen Pendleton Jiménez. The two artists have worked together previously on the successful short film Tomboy.

More information on the series website: How to Get a Girl Pregnant