Bendigo – we’re going to Australia!


The Butch and the Baby Daddy will be part of the BQFF International Short Film Competition which brings the world’s best queer shorts to Bendigo with two programs of cinematic delights – Drama & Narrative Comedy and Documentary & Stories From Life.

March 19th 2pm True Stories and Documentary

Part one of the Bendigo Queer Film Festival International Short Film Competition featuring documentaries and films based on true life stories. Here are films created from the real life experiences of LGBTIQ+ people from around the world.

Reframe Film Festival

Alex and Mateo at Alley of the Murals. Mural by Janet Leiva Romero

Check it out – if you can’t get there – you can watch our wee short The Butch and the Baby Daddy via stream at ReFrame Film Festival Coming up Jan 26 to Feb 3!! with thanks to Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC)!! Beautiful mural in this image by Janet Romero-Leiva #lgbtqfilm #animation, #2D, #fertility