Here’s some shots from the Toronto Animated Image Society where I’ve been working on shooting the hand painted cells for this new short film.

walk cycle on oxberry stand

Shooting walk cycle

Animation cells just painted

Animation cells just painted

Shooting on the Oxberry stand

Shooting on the Oxberry stand


Company: Coyle Productions, we are a small animation company creating short films focused primarily on queer stories.

Director and Producer: Barb Taylor

Casting Director: Gein Wong

Description: Seeking actors for voice over work in two short films;“Sheelagh” which follows a young lesbian who meets a mythological Irish woman; and “Butch plus Baby”, which features a Chicana lesbian hoping to be a mother.  We encourage submissions from actors of diverse cultures, sexualities and genders.

Record Dates: The record will take place in late July or August, 2015.

Union: ACTRA performers preferred, ACTRA rates.

Please send resume and audio samples to


Sheelagh:  A 30-40 year old mythological queer woman with Irish accent. Irish accent preferred from central or western Ireland.

Butch plus Baby

Alex: A butch queer woman, mid-20s mixed race Mexican and White.  She is looking to get pregnant but has little knowledge of pregnancy or heterosexual romance.  She has a second generation Latina accent.

Mateo: A gay man, mid-30s, who is Alex’s best friend and potential sperm donor. He has a second generation Latino accent.

In this fantasy animation Bobbie meets a mythological creature. Magical transformation and glimpses into the creature’s history help Bobbie overcome her own self doubt. Created with traditional animated drawing and painting. If you’d like more info check out Creative District project


Alex and Dragon

Alex fights the Dragon

A reminder you can purchase Tomboy on Amazon.  In this scene Alex tries to save her friend by fending off a ferocious dragon.

Hill Country Film Fest

Hill Country Film Fest

Peaceosaurus is screening at the Hill Country fest in Texas this weekend. Special kids programming with Kids Film Fest

Yofi fest

Yonkers Film Festival

Peaceosaurus is screening at the Yofi Fest (short for Yonkers film fest) in New York this weekend. Special kids programming with stop motion workshop!

Auburn Film Festival

Auburn Film Festival

Peaceosaurus is screening at the Auburn Children’s Film Festival in Australia Sept. 16th.


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